Arrival of the new year in Jerusalem

I spent the first day of 2014 in Jerusalem and it was just like any other work day here.  Since the Jewish new years celebration is in September or October this day is no different from an ordinary day.  After a very long trip (leaving Monday and not arriving until early today/Wednesday) we are very far from California.  I’m making this trip with my very good friend Terri and this is her first time so it’s interesting to see things through her eyes and I am here to visit with my daughter and son-in-law who make their home here.

Our only major excursion today was to the Machane Yehuda market an indoor and outdoor market in the heart of Jerusalem.  One thing one notices pretty quickly is that here unlike in the US the only fruits and vegetables one sees are what is in season and it’s all quite appetizing.  Another thing one notices is that we are in the Middle East so spices abound, looking and smelling glorious.  We are recovering from our journey and expect tomorrow to be our first jam-packed day.

4 thoughts on “Arrival of the new year in Jerusalem

  1. What a wonderful experience, George (Alaniz) my husband would be over the moon to be able to pick and choose fresh spices and herbs like those in the pics. Thanks for sharing Mina. Kelly Alaniz

    • Don’t have to come quite this far for the market as Europe has markets kind of like this but each country is unique, almost always go to the market first thing. Gives one a flavor of the place. I’ve been to Israel many times and to this market particularly. My friend who is with me has never been so fun to see her taking it in!

  2. Oh Mina,
    I can smell the spices and hear the booth sellers yelling hatzi kilo, hatzi kilo. Thanks for bringing all your friends with you when you travel. Have a wonderful time and saw hello to Elana from me.
    I would have sent a hat for her.

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