Why Can’t We All Get Along?

My friend Terri took a tour of the Old City so I have included some images that she took along with a couple from the internet (the church interior). Since I have been to Israel many times and to the Old City more times than I can count, I opted to meet up with some of my relatives for lunch while Terri took the tour.   Many more Christians visit Israel than Jews or Muslims so it looks like the focus of her tour was for the visitors that are Christian.  What we realized on Shabbat on the way to the Western Wall, is that they skipped over the Jewish quarter so was glad I got to show her that a little bit.   One thing Terri noticed is within the small space of the Old City Armenian Christians, Jews, Muslims, and Christians live in close proximity in relative harmony.  Maybe it’s the sacredness of this place that fosters cooperation. I was happy to hear and to see that the Church of the Holy Sepulchre has been renovated as the last time I was there, it was pretty moldy and dusty and the various Christian factions were arguing about control.

One thought on “Why Can’t We All Get Along?

  1. Hi Mina and Terri, So glad you are having this great trip and in SUNSHINE!!!…we are freezing here in the northeast. Enjoy the journey and keep posting It is nice to hear news and see photos not from CNN. Love, Carol

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