From King David to the Ottomans

The Citadel of David, just inside the Jaffa Gate of the Old City has a wonderful historical museum about the origins and development of the Citadel and the entire Old City.  Just as Mesopotamia was conquered and reconquered over centuries, so was the location of the Old City of Jerusalem.  The amazing this is that one conquerer did not dispose of what was already there, rather added to it.  Excavations in the Old City are controversial to say the least so there is likely quite a bit that is unknown and probably will never be known about the earliest times of this city.

2 thoughts on “From King David to the Ottomans

  1. Oh, Mina, you’ve saved me so much time in travel. Thank you!

    These have been amazing posts and I am grateful to remain on your list. Saw Kristin Otwell today and she agrees and is glad she signed up. Bill Mahon agrees that your posts have been brilliant. We missed you both on Friday, as Karen had been in town for the week. We held a luncheon. Paula came to Fort Bragg, Sharon grabbed a few minutes during her lunch hour, Bill came, too. (Today, he is a free man, no more on-call for Dr. Bill Mahon – hard to fathom, since I still believe he is Sam’s doctor. I’ll break the news gently to Sam). At any rate, we had a delightful time, the six of us. I’ll fill you in once we get together. I have to say, though, that hugging Paula was such a treat for me…I haven’t seen her in ages and it all felt so good. Much like old times. Sad to say that Sally was not with us, as their pets needed petting and looking after. So, this trip was all Karen’s. She stayed with Jason and we played while Jason worked.

    By the way, while at the European Woodworking Show, one of our customers from Israel dropped by to see us. I had not met or communicated with Mishael Levron before, but it was somehow old-time’s week for our short time together in England, under the roof of a 13th Century barn built by the Knights Templar. He brought a box of dates for us from Israel. Can you believe it? I mean, he schlepped a box of dates to deliver to Ron Hock (I’m the hanger-on wifey-pooh, not exactly, but Ron is definitely the one they all want to see and talk with). At any rate, Mishael (whom I believe is an architect?) has opened a little woodworking tool business. I have no idea what we sell to him and can’t imagine he meets the minimum order requirement for a retailer discount, so it seems to me he’s building to that and is already an individual customer. As I’ve said, Israel is gaining on my mailing list. But I believe his business Tool Eden in Jerusalem at Jerusalem – at Mevasseret Zion. The website – (top wooden handplane has a Hock Tool blade, not sure about the other, but it may be) – is a bit confusing to me, and I had to dig deep to find one blade made by Hock Tools, but they sell Kellner Wooden Toys, which are charming and may be of some interest to you,

    Looking forward to any new post and to your return, and, of course to lunch! — Love, Linda

  2. One more thing before I forget…you had wanted to know where that Israeli woodworking school (the one patterned on James Krenov’s school here in Fort Bragg): I believe it’s located in Galilee at Kibbutz 251155 Beit HaEmek – not sure if Nashrat is a region or what type of meaning Nashrat has in an address. So, okay…duty complete. Take care. — L

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