History on a Mountain

Jerusalem is very hilly and one of the largest hills is called Har Ha’Zikaron (Remembrance Mountain).  At the bottom of the mountain is the Valley of the Communities, a stone labyrinth laid out in the shape of Eastern and Western Europe.  The canyon created by the stones has the names of all the communities (big and small) lost during the Holocaust in geographical order.  One wanders through to find the one that is meaningful to them. It’s powerful.  Next up the hill is Yad Va’Shem, the Holocaust Museum, then higher on the hill are graves of soldiers, too  many of course.  Above that are the graves of the leaders of Israel through time and on the very top is the grave of Theodore Herzl, founder of the nation.  It’s a sad place but a very beautiful one and scattered throughout are memorials (not graves) of various significant events in Israel’s history.  They are the subject of this blog posting.

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