Tourist Anecdotes

We are definitely tourists and are readily identifiable as such.  We do try to be good citizens when we travel and not ugly Americans.  There are quite a few tourists in Rome right now, can’t even imagine what it must be like in the summer.  Will never come here then.  Some funny and odd observations and overheard conversations.

1.  Why do we have to dress modestly when we are going to be looking at so many naked statues?  (from a 12ish year old)

2.  Where is the Starbucks?  When told there are none in Rome the response from our guide was to direct them to a coffee bar, at which point they became suspicious she must be getting a cut from the barista….

3.  For our Jewish friends at services last night an American tourist near me asked one of the Italian women how long the service would be.  The Italian woman asked her if she was Ashkenazic to which she replied, “Oh no I’m from Dallas”.  It’s true I’m not making it up.

4.  Why would you need to shop at the Gap, H & M, Timberland, Nike, etc. while in Rome with so much to do and see since these stores exist at home.  We didn’t see Italians going into these stores- only tourists?!

5.  We’ve had amazing meals except for the first night at the restaurant the landlord sent us to.  Our best meals were the kosher ones we had in the Jewish Ghetto- who would have known and they were packed with Italians.  It turns out the Jewish food is the most authentic food in Rome…..

We also came across a Holocaust memorial in our neighborhood, very understated but quite powerful.  Looks like it was erected in the 1980s.

One thought on “Tourist Anecdotes

  1. Loved this post, Mina, along with all the rest! Thanks for sending such great stories and pictures. A real treat–almost feels like being there. Interesting about the “most authentic food” being the Jewish food…honestly, I don’t remember the food from Rome at all. Florence, yes, Venice, sort of–the little hill towns (Siena, San Gimigiano) yes, though the latter city turned into a tourist mall as well. Sigh. Progress? xox Terri

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