Small Spaces

Today we toured around the area outside of Modica and visted Cava D’Ispica, a valley filled with catacombs and caves.  The caves were carved out of the limestone to create tombs, hermitages, and dwellings from the Bronze Age until the early years of the 20th century.  It’s a strange place and reminded us of the Anasazi ruins we’ve seen in Utah.  There is also an area identified as a Gymnasium from ancient Roman times as well as several areas designated as churches though it’s hard to tell that’s what they were at this point.

We also visited the smaller town of Scicli from which the name Sicily comes.  It’s an interesting Baroque town with some especially interesting architecture.  You will see that the cemetery just outside of town has some mausoleums that look bigger than most of the houses in the town.

We’ve been lucky to have a GPS in the car we rented and even though it’s all in Italian it’s kept us from getting super lost.  It took us as long to get back to our hotel from Scicli as it took to go there and back.  Tomorrow we move on for yet again more adventures.

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