All the Light You Cannot See (Sant Malo)

If you haven’t read the book “All the Light You Cannot See” I highly recommend it.  It is supposed to have taken place in Sant Malo so we made a little excursion there.  It’s not far from Sant Michel and like it is very close to the water though not an island.  The walled old city was established in Roman times so it has a long history.  In World War II (the time of the novel) the ancient city was virtually destroyed by American and British fire.  The Allies believed that Sant Malo was a Nazi stronghold when it turned out there were only about 100 German soldiers there.  It was interesting walking around in a space you only know from your imagination, and I have to say my impression was pretty good so an even better reason to read a novel well told.  I’m just going to publish a gallery of photos with no captions as I really didn’t learn a lot about the town as we walked.

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