Secrets of the Museum

Another small gallery is given over to an exhibit of works in the museum’s collections that doesn’t usually see the light of day.  This time the exhibit is entitled “No Thing Dies” and is composed of collages by Lilit Azoulay, combining disparate works of art and the tools and detritus of the museum itself.  I apologize for the poor quality of the images.  I usually try to find the images online without the glare of glass, etc. but these works are not available so you’ll at least get an idea of how interesting this is.  The artist asks the questions, how does an object become a valuable collectible, how does this affect art history and contemporary artistic practice, and can contemporary art offer ways in which the objects may be reused and redefined?  Collages are put together as webs of cross-cultural and cross-historical possibilities, allowing the objects themselves to generate narratives both historical and fictional.  These large scale collages appear dimensional but are all flat.

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