Ai Wei Wei: Maybe Maybe Not

I’ve followed the work of Ai Wei Wei for a number of years and had the great fortune to see his installation exhibition at Alcatraz a few years ago.  It was amazing to find an exhibition of his work at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.  One question I’ve had about his work is, would his work be as meaningful or would he have as much attention for it if he had not been a Chinese dissident and imprisoned for speaking out against the injustices he sees.  This show confirmed for me that his work is probably among the most powerful and potentially effective means of communicating injustice around the world and maybe even making change.  It certainly makes you think- first step on the road.  I have chosen to include excerpts from the caption panels that appeared with each work as it helps you understand his thought processes and about his personal struggles.

One thought on “Ai Wei Wei: Maybe Maybe Not

  1. Thanks so much for sharing the Ai Wei Wei exhibit. I felt as if I were there, in the museum. Your photos and descriptions were wonderfully helpful in understanding his motivation. Loved the fact that you dug so deep.

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