A Tale of Two Cities

In order to visit the ruins of Selinunte and keep to our plan of no more than 30-40 miles of driving per day we spent the night in Sciacca, a small town right on the coast about halfway between the ruins and Agrigento.  It was a lovely spot with basically nothing to do but walk around, eat well, and observe daily life for the people who live there.  We enjoyed it very much and everyone was super friendly.   The next day we made the one long trip we needed to do (3 hours in the car mostly on the autostrada) to get back to Catania where we will be ending our stay in Sicily.

When we were planning this trip, everyone we talked to about visiting Sicily said we had to visit Taormina.  It got to the point where I could finish people’s sentences…you have to visit Taormina.  So we saved Taormina for last as it’s fairly close to Catania.  We probably should have known better or maybe we’ve just traveled too much but we spent exactly one hour in Taormina including parking, taking a bus to the center of town and back to the parking garage.  I think it’s like people telling you they’ve seen the best movie ever, it’s just never as good but this was one of the worst.  You’ll see from the one picture I took of the town to see that if you are ever thinking of coming to Sicily do NOT go to Taormina even if it has the most photographed Greek theater on the island.

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