Rome: First Impressions

Yesterday was our first day in Rome and we took about a 5 mile walk exploring the neighborhood where we are staying (Testaccio- quiet residential few tourists) and along both banks of the Tiber River.  The photos I took are somewhat random but all show how much contrast there is and how much you find that is unexpected around every corner.  An obelisk in the center of a small piazza, or a column just sticking out randomly in front of a small shop or in front of some apartments.  Narrow alleys leading to churches that contain amazing ceilings or mosaics, arches in unexpected places, or pieces of aqueducts.  And everywhere, excavations which reminds one that this city has such a long history, one era on top of another.  It takes careful observation not to miss things and I’m sure we already have. If you’re not used to blogs, click on the first picture to see some more comments and an enlarged view.  It will turn into a little slide show.

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